CoinX is a FinCEN Registered Money Services Business (MSB) holding valid Money Transmitter Licenses for Money Transfer Business

Customer Fraud Awareness

  • Are you sending money to someone you don’t know or whose identity you can’t verify?
  • Are you responding to an Internet or phone offer that you aren’t sure is honest?
  • Are you sending money on behalf of another person?
  • Are you sending money to claim lottery or prize winnings, or on a promise of receiving a large amount of money?
  • Are you sending money because you were “guaranteed” a credit card or loan?
  • ** Notice ** Fraudulent transactions may result in the loss of money with no recourse.
    • For all money transmission transactions. You must disclose to the consumer prior to the transaction that fraudulent transactions may result in the loss of their money with no recourse. WAC 208-690-205(2)

If so, contact COINX, INC. Customer Support immediately to stop your transfer immediately at 404-915-3870 (US) or 855-866-8396 (Toll free).