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CoinX at Money 20/20 2014 – The Way that Banking is Done is Dead

CoinX at Money 20/20 2014 – The Way that Banking is Done is Dead

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The Money 20/20 event kicked off this week on Sunday with over 7000 companies from the financial services industry participating in the different sessions. CoinX is being represented by its founder and CEO, Megan Burton who spoke in the session titled: “Building Bridges from Crypto to Legacy Financial Systems.”

When asked to comment on the possibility of banks working with companies that deal with digital currencies industry, she said that it is challenging but the process can start if companies in the bitcoin sector are prepared to be as open and collaborative as possible.

She also said,
“Our counteraction is simply education, bringing them into our environment, letting them audit us, let them look at our systems, walk them through a transaction and show how it mirrors the systems out there today.”

You can read a more detailed report about Money 20/20 here.

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