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ACH Processing

ACH payment processing for merchant services, startups and established players in the fintech space.

ACH Payment Processing

ACH payment processing for merchant services, ACH Processing, is one of the products offered by CoinX. It connects businesses and their customers to facilitate payments through virtual checks. Utilizing the ACH network, we offer merchants from all over the world a convenient and secure method of receiving payments from customers who prefer to pay through electronic methods.

Reliable Network

Our ACH payment processing system follows stringent guidelines for security and risk management in order to make your transactions quick and secure.

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The fully automated ACH payment processing system allows you to schedule your recurring payments to make your work easier to manage.

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CoinX provides easy scheduling and reporting. We support cloud reporting so you are always in charge of your finances and how they are utilized.

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The ACH network moved $38.7 trillion through approximately 22 billion electronic financial transactions in 2013

Benefits of using ACH Payment Processing

During an ACH payment, the customer’s account is debited, and the funds are credited to the business, merchant or trader’s bank account. Offering the ability pay you through ACH payment will make your business more attractive to customers who do not use credit cards or have reached the limit on their cards. All they need is a checking or savings account to pay you for your services or products.

When compared to credit card payments, ACH payment processing actually allows you to save more money. If your business or company charges monthly fees for its services and needs to offer its customers an easy way of setting up recurring automatic payments, the ACH network provides affordable and convenient ways of doing so. The chargeback window for ACH payments is much shorter than that for credit card payments.

You also save more in comparison to paper checks and banking fees. Banks can charge you up to $30 if you have insufficient funds in an account while ACH processors like TechSpeed will not charge more than $5.

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